Be Inspired By These 5 Stylish Singaporean Carpet Flooring Designs

Carpet Flooring In Singapore

Carpet flooring in Singapore is very popular among businesses and is frequently used in Singapore offices because it can be used to improve the overall appearance of the workspace and make one feel more comfortable when working in their office. There are also additional benefits to using carpet flooring in your offices.


Did you know that there are numerous carpet designs on the market? There are even ways to use different carpet flooring designs to improve the aesthetic appeal of your office space. For some inspiration, look at some of the unique carpet flooring designs used in other Singapore offices.


1. Facebook Singapore Office


Beige And Brown Carpet Flooring


(photo credit: 5 Reasons Why You’d Want to Work at Facebook in Singapore)


When you think of large multinational companies, you’ll automatically assume that their offices will have amazing designs and layouts. At the Facebook Singapore office, they have a variety of carpet flooring all over their office floor, one of which is this beige and brown carpet flooring that evokes a sense of comfort while also brightening the area.


To achieve this carpet flooring design, opt for the Desert Airmaster carpet tiles in brighter colours to bring life into the workspace.


2. SP Group


Clean And Simple Carpet Design


Carpet flooring designs like the DESSO Essence Structure are ideal for businesses that want a clean and simple carpet design but don’t want a completely plain one.


There are black, grey, and blue colours for you to choose from, as well as a vibrant orangy-red colour if you wish to have bright carpet flooring. Mix different colours or carpet designs in different segments of the office to create a dynamic look.


3. James Cook University


Carpet Tiles in Colours and Designs


You can create unique carpet flooring designs for your commercial spaces by selecting carpet tiles in colours and designs that you like. For example, James Cook University used DESSO Traverse carpet tiles in different colours to create a vibrant and comfortable study space for their students. The DESSO Traverse also comes in planks and can even be installed diagonally for an even more unique and dynamic look.


Choose other carpet tiles to mix and match with the DESSO Traverse planks to create unique designs for each room.


4. Edenred Singapore Office


Vinyl Flooring With Wooden Designs And A Solid Coloured Carpet Flooring


When comparing a carpet flooring with two different patterns and colours to a full carpet flooring with one solid colour, the former may appear more visually appealing to the eyes.


Take the Edenred Singapore office for an example, designing your office flooring to include a variety of materials, such as a combination of vinyl flooring with wooden designs and a solid coloured carpet flooring, adds aesthetic value to your office and makes your workspace look interesting.


Install carpet flooring in areas where office desks will be located, providing comfort to your employees while they work seated at their desks, and install vinyl flooring in less used areas such as corridors and lift lobbies.


5. Ficofi Office


Zig-Zag Placement Of The Carpet Tiles And Vinyl Panels


Carpet tiles are more versatile and easier to install compared to standard carpets; these tiles can be mixed and matched to create varying designs in a space, which is exactly what Ficofi did with their carpet flooring. The zig-zag placement of the carpet tiles and vinyl panels created a beautiful segmentation of their spaces, and the choice of colours complement the office’s interior design and furnishing, creating a harmonious appearance.


Offices do not have to be boring and dull all the time, but designing them doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking task as well. Utilise the various carpet flooring designs available in Singapore to transform your office space into an aesthetically pleasing one in order to boost employee morale.

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