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Desso offers over 50 different designs of commercial carpet tiles and is constantly adding on new designs, drawing inspirations from the environment and collaborating with architects and designers to co-create innovative, and stunning carpet designs.



Professional Installation

The Mill International boasts an in-house team of skilled carpet tile installers, so you can be assured of good quality installation that is crucial to the carpet tiles’ longevity, as well as dedicated after-sales service.

Stocking Program

Time is a luxury we do not always have when faced with a short project hand-over timeline. The Mill International understands this challenge and, therefore, invests in inventory locally to serve your very time-sensitive projects. To see the range and colours of carpet tiles we have in stock, please click here.


Desso 3D Textures™ is a digital tool that allows you to create an excellent visual experience, simply by selecting the right structure, colour and installation method for the best results. You can now create visual experiences that inspire people based on the latest Desso carpet designs

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