We all know the value of keeping ourselves healthy. It’s why we exercise and try to stay in shape. But that is not the only thing we have to consider when it comes to good health and hygiene. Not only do we have to exercise, but we have to keep clean and avoid putting ourselves in harm’s way by preventing bacteria and other harmful microbes from coming into contact with us.


There are many ways you can be compromised. Unfortunately, events can be one of the worst ways to expose yourself to bad germs. As a result, you should be mindful and make sure you design a space that will help aid in not spreading germs. There are many technologies nowadays for the development of equipment and implements for safe and healthy use.


One of these things that can help you is the type of flooring you use. Let’s face it, floors are where one can track dirt and grime into your exhibition and event. And if you don’t use the proper flooring, well, this could be a way for it to fester. Luckily, The Mill International has the right solution for you and your event: An antimicrobial carpet! EXPOflor’s Basics SAFE+ antimicrobial coated carpet will keep your exhibition and event safe. It prevents bacteria from outside getting in, as well as hinders the internal spread of bacteria and viruses. By protecting your floor from the growth of germs, you can lessen the chances of harming your guests.


The antimicrobial carpet has a special coating formulated with Silver Technology. This is a hydrophobic, air-curable coating that is effective against microorganisms. It has up to 99.9% effectivity against certain types of bacteria and meets a list of biocompatibility requirements.


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ANTIBACTERIAL PROPERTIES: This antimicrobial carpet has a coating specially formulated with Silver Technology.

STAIN REPELLENT AND WASHABLE: The carpet’s hydrophobic air-curable coating is effective against microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. It also makes it highly stain resistant and easy to wash.

EFFECTIVE GERM RESISTANCE: Its special coating prevents bacteria from outside getting in, as well as hinders the internal spread of bacteria. It kills off 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and fungi.