Human beings crave to be near nature. That’s why we have many green spaces right in the heart of the city, and why urban countries like Singapore is still praised for having natural beauties despite being a centre of technology and innovation. That’s why we recreate these spaces in our homes and other places, and attempt to emulate them.


Ever missed the great outdoors, but know that real grass or natural ground isn’t feasible or needed as an option? Ever wanted something that would mirror grassy or natural environments for a project or space without all the hassle? Then artificial grass floorings are perfect for you. An artificial grass carpet is a soft flooring that can turn any indoor and outdoor space into the perfect park without you having to figure out how to maintain real grass in the space or worry about the upkeep.


At The Mill, we provide a comprehensive selection of indoor and outdoor artificial grass carpets, which are designed as efficient flooring options for residential, environment-themed events, sports grounds and other open-air exhibits. Transport yourself to the great outdoors with our selection of artificial grass carpeting that is recyclable, washable, and comes in a variety of colors to suit your personal aesthetic needs: they come in colours like Snow White, Black Swan, Spring, Summer, and Pasture.


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Comes in a variety of colours

Like a colorful addition to your space? EXPOflor® Artificial Grass comes in a variety of colours and provides visitors with a non-slip and completely safe surface.

Excellent flooring choice for indoor and outdoor

Don’t worry about the difficulties of an unconventional flooring space like artificial grass. Artificial grass carpets make excellent flooring choices for different practical reasons such as easy drainage, safe surfaces, and simple installation.

High quality & Recyclable

Artificial grass is eye-catching and beautiful. It’s well-suited to a number of occasions, such as in exhibits, landscaping, as well as residential and corporate events; and can even be recycled after the event.