Take a look at the place you exercise in. What sets gyms and other exercise spaces apart from other ordinary rooms and spaces? You may not know this, but gyms have special floorings that facilitate for a better, smoother exercise environment. If you have a sports room with an ordinary floor, you may want to think twice. According to your exercise needs it might be more prudent to use a flooring that’s more suited to the movements you perform when exercising. Using a room that is not designed for exercise can lead to accidents or an exercise session that is not up to par with your standards. Sports floors have certain special features that make your room more conducive to exercise and that normal flooring doesn’t provide!


For example, one of the floorings we offer is the Sportec Motionflex, a jigsaw puzzle mat floor that acts as a soft barrier between you and the hard floor of your room. It’s a mat that provides extra grip and is developed for indoor applications and exercise that demands high mobility like dance, yoga and more.


Not only that, but sports floors is great for other rooms as well. Because these floorings are so strong and hardy, they’re not just used for exercise, but recreational and other purposes as well. They do well in places with high volume or traffic, as they can handle the stresses of continuous, sustained impact. KRAIBURG Sports Flooring products are used in a broad spectrum of applications including aerobics and exercise floors, highly durable floors of offices and commercial rooms as well as multipurpose surfaces used for sports and other activities.


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SPORTEC® motionflex

SPORTEC® motionflex is a jigsaw puzzle mat made of fine polyurethane foam. It has been developed especially for indoor applications that involve highly dynamic movements and endurance. No matter if aerobics, Body-Pump, certain combat sports, cardio boxing or wellness activities, Yoga, Pilates, or reha – SPORTEC® motionflex offers crucial advantages for a successful and safe workout.