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Human beings crave to be near nature. That’s why we have many green spaces right in the heart of the city, and why urban countries like Singapore is still praised for having natural beauties despite being a centre of technology and innovation. That’s why we recreate these spaces in our homes and other places, and attempt to emulate them.


Ever missed the great outdoors, but know that real grass or natural ground isn’t feasible or needed as an option? Ever wanted something that would mirror grassy or natural environments for a project or space without all the hassle? Then artificial grass floorings are perfect for you. An artificial grass carpet is a soft flooring that can turn any indoor and outdoor space into the perfect park without you having to figure out how to maintain real grass in the space or worry about the upkeep.


At The Mill, we provide a comprehensive selection of indoor and outdoor artificial grass carpets, which are designed as efficient flooring options for residential, environment-themed events, sports grounds and other open-air exhibits. Transport yourself to the great outdoors with our selection of artificial grass carpeting that is recyclable, washable, and comes in a variety of colors to suit your personal aesthetic needs: they come in colours like Snow White, Black Swan, Spring, Summer, and Pasture.


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We all know the value of keeping ourselves healthy. It’s why we exercise and try to stay in shape. But that is not the only thing we have to consider when it comes to good health and hygiene. Not only do we have to exercise, but we have to keep clean and avoid putting ourselves in harm’s way by preventing bacteria and other harmful microbes from coming into contact with us.


There are many ways you can be compromised. Unfortunately, events can be one of the worst ways to expose yourself to bad germs. As a result, you should be mindful and make sure you design a space that will help aid in not spreading germs. There are many technologies nowadays for the development of equipment and implements for safe and healthy use.


One of these things that can help you is the type of flooring you use. Let’s face it, floors are where one can track dirt and grime into your exhibition and event. And if you don’t use the proper flooring, well, this could be a way for it to fester. Luckily, The Mill International has the right solution for you and your event: An antimicrobial carpet! EXPOflor’s Basics SAFE+ antimicrobial coated carpet will keep your exhibition and event safe. It prevents bacteria from outside getting in, as well as hinders the internal spread of bacteria and viruses. By protecting your floor from the growth of germs, you can lessen the chances of harming your guests.


The antimicrobial carpet has a special coating formulated with Silver Technology. This is a hydrophobic, air-curable coating that is effective against microorganisms. It has up to 99.9% effectivity against certain types of bacteria and meets a list of biocompatibility requirements.


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Take a look at the place you exercise in. What sets gyms and other exercise spaces apart from other ordinary rooms and spaces? You may not know this, but gyms have special floorings that facilitate for a better, smoother exercise environment. If you have a sports room with an ordinary floor, you may want to think twice. According to your exercise needs it might be more prudent to use a flooring that’s more suited to the movements you perform when exercising. Using a room that is not designed for exercise can lead to accidents or an exercise session that is not up to par with your standards. Sports floors have certain special features that make your room more conducive to exercise and that normal flooring doesn’t provide!


For example, one of the floorings we offer is the Sportec Motionflex, a jigsaw puzzle mat floor that acts as a soft barrier between you and the hard floor of your room. It’s a mat that provides extra grip and is developed for indoor applications and exercise that demands high mobility like dance, yoga and more.


Not only that, but sports floors is great for other rooms as well. Because these floorings are so strong and hardy, they’re not just used for exercise, but recreational and other purposes as well. They do well in places with high volume or traffic, as they can handle the stresses of continuous, sustained impact. KRAIBURG Sports Flooring products are used in a broad spectrum of applications including aerobics and exercise floors, highly durable floors of offices and commercial rooms as well as multipurpose surfaces used for sports and other activities.


Browse The Mill International’s category of sports floorings and see what else we have to offer. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with us to know more about our options for sports floors.


EXPOflor’s tapes & protector products. Use for securing the carpet and protect its surface. Versatile general purpose tape for various usage such as safe distancing demarcation, fixing, bundling, holding, securing and packaging. Easy to remove. Leave no residue.


Event and exhibition spaces are where wonderful and unforgettable memories happen. Don’t skimp out on the flooring for your event! Carpet flooring is the way to go to make a lasting impression on your guests. Event and exhibition flooring come in a variety of prices and designs. The Mill International offers a wide range of carpet flooring products from economical to luxurious to meet your requirements. Our carpets are widely used in exhibitions, events, stages, hospitality and landscaping.


Broadloom carpets are known for their durability, which makes them well-suited to hospitality suites and corporate offices. They are available in a range of colours and designs, and can be personalised to create rugs and mats as well.


EXPOflor®, EXPOfabric® and VIVA® are The Mill International’s in-house brands catering to the MICE sector. EXPOflor® provides flooring and services dedicated to exhibition and event. EXPOfabric® offers a wide range of wide width fire retardant fabric that meet the standards set forth by Fire Safety Bureau (FSB) of Singapore. VIVA® is customisable products allowing clients the freedom of expression to create a unique experience.


The Mill International is a certified carpet tiles supplier of DESSO. What can you get from Desso? Desso offers over 50 different designs of commercial carpet tiles, drawing inspirations from the environment and collaborating with architects and designers to co-create innovative, and stunning carpet designs. Make your spaces come alive with the office carpet tiles! See the full range of Desso designs and colors, and pick out the best one for you. We also have a team of professionals at hand to help you install office carpet tiles smoothly and effectively. Carpet installation in Singapore has never been more effective.