Transition to a “New Normal” (Safe Management SOP)

As we resumed our business activities following the end of circuit breaker, we would like to inform everyone of these additional measures in place:


  1. Reporting for Work (Warehouse to have Safe Entry QR, Thermometer and Sanitizer)


  • Do not report for work – if you are unwell or if someone who stays with you is unwell.
  • Always see a doctor when you are unwell and update your medical condition with OPS Manager
  • Check your temperature when reporting for work and WhatsApp OPS Manager
  • Scan Safe Entry to Check IN @ Office / Warehouse 1 / Warehouse 2 / Production Studio
  • Always ensure that you are wearing your mask properly and maintain Safe Distancing.
  • Sanitize both your hands.
  • Pick up goods and tools. Wash your hands before boarding our company vehicle
  • Scan Safe Entry to Check OUT.


  1. Company Vehicle (To have Sanitizer, Thermometer & Disposable Mask)


  • Maximum Capacity in Cabin is 02 Pax (Sit 1 meter apart with Mask On)
  • Maximum Capacity at the Back is 04 Pax (Sit 1 meter apart with Mask On)


  1. Arrived On Site


  • Scan Safe Entry to Check IN.
  • Check temperature, as required
  • Make Travel Declaration, as required


  1. Working On Site


  • Always maintain Safe Distancing of 2m
  • Do not talk unnecessarily with people on site or on mobile
  • No sharing of tools
  • Wear your mask at all times. (Change your disposable mask after 4 hours)


  1. Lunch On Site


  • Wash your hands before having meals.
  • Sit at least 2m away from each other. Do not talk unnecessarily.
  • Check your temperature (whatsApp OPS Manager)
  • Clear and clean up after eating. Leave no rubbish behind.
  • Sanitize your hand and tools before starting work.


  1. Leaving Site


  • Clear everything that you have brought on site (Tools, Material & Rubbish)
  • Scan Safe Entry to Check OUT
  • Wash and Sanitize hands before boarding our company vehicle.


  1. Back to Office/Warehouse


  • Scan Safe Entry to Check IN
  • Clear all tools, material & rubbish
  • Clean & Sanitize all tools
  • Clean & Sanitize Vehicle (Cabin and all touch points)
  • Wash and Sanitize hands before leaving.
  • Scan Safe Entry to Check OUT


All to download the Trace Together Apps and ensure that your Bluetooth is turn on.

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