Safety First: How Carpets Help Safeguard Your Exhibition

As people across the world prepare for the easing of the COVID-19 pandemic, exhibitions will gradually resume in size and scale. They aren’t just restricted to large trade fairs and symposiums; small-scale art exhibitions and private showcases are included too. In light of the New Normal, additional safety measures, such as safe distancing, need to be considered alongside existing ones. Here’s how carpets from reputable carpet suppliers safeguard the safety of your exhibition, be it large or small.


Fire Prevention


Many people often get complacent about fire safety – just think how few people take fire drills seriously! But beyond regular drills, maintaining fire extinguishers and leaving evacuation routes clear; it’s always better to focus on prevention than cure, even if the risk may seem small.


A great hands-off method is to use fire retardant fabrics for your exhibition – made of materials that do not catch fire easily. Carpets utilising them have chemical retardants woven into their fabric, and work in two ways. They burn slowly or are self-extinguishing, thereby confining the fire’s spread to a smaller region. Alternatively, they reduce intense heat build up and prevent a rapid spreading of fire from one area to another.


Studies have shown that fire retardant carpets can offer as much as up to 15 times more allowance for occupants of enclosed spaces to escape, greatly increasing their survivability. New retardants are constantly being tested in labs to assess their efficiency at slowing the spread of fire, before being integrated into increasingly effective fabrics.


Reputable carpet suppliers should always have fire retardant carpets in stock. In addition, they should comply with Singapore’s stringent standards of fire safety and protection, such as those set forth by the Fire Safety Bureau.


Preventing Falls


Many of us recall where someone tripped and landed rather embarrassingly at an important function, or children colliding into valuable exhibits. Non-slip carpets have a latex base that holds firmly to the floor, preventing the slipping of visitors to your exhibition, especially for young children and older individuals.


Check with your carpet supplier for their range of non-slip carpets, and see what works best for your particular exhibition arrangement. With a range of colours and designs, you are sure to find something that works.


Maintaining Hygiene


While exhibitions will eventually reopen, there will still be a cap on the number of pax allowed at once, as well as maintaining social distancing measures. This is where carpets play a new role in safety.


A tasteful application of colour and design elements doesn’t just beautify the surroundings, it also facilitates adherence to social distancing. Using contrasting colours in patterns, such as horizontal or vertical lines, taps into people’s natural perceptions. This gently encourages visitors to stay apart without requiring partitioning or unsightly flooring tapes to mark out standing spots.


Alternatively, attractive signs can also be printed and die-cut on carpet tiles, such as arrows and footsteps that direct movement of exhibition goers. With their modular layout, these printed tiles can easily be inserted into existing carpet tile layouts, preserving your existing aesthetic while still providing attractive and safe handling of movement.


In addition, an increasing number of carpet suppliers also offer antimicrobial fabrics and carpets, treated with chemicals that discourage the buildup and proliferation of bacteria and viruses, helping you to maintain your sanitisation procedures.


Check with a reputable carpet supplier on their availability of designs to best facilitate safe distancing, while not forgetting other elements such as fire retardant fabric and non-slip features for your exhibition.




More than just an appealing addition to your space, carpets play a quiet but essential role in ensuring that your exhibition goes flawlessly and safely. As a reliable carpet supplier for exhibitions and more, you’ll find something from The Mill International’s collection suited for your needs. Find out more here.

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