What To Consider When Choosing A Carpet Installation Company

What To Consider In Choosing A Carpet Installation Company

Carpets are the perfect way to decorate a wide assortment of spaces, be it a regular office environment, a fine dining restaurant, or a classy event space. Almost all retailers of high quality carpets will also offer installation services, helping you tide through the hassle of having to install your carpets yourself. Here are some things to consider when choosing a carpet installation company in Singapore.


Staff Installing A Carpet In An Office



Consider the company’s experience.


The most important thing you want to ensure is that your desired carpet installation company in Singapore has both extensive experience, as well as specific experience for your installation requirements, such as your interior space and specific type of flooring. A good rule of thumb is to find an established company with a proven track record of over 5 years of experience, along with being accredited with industry certifications and adhering to established risk assessment guidelines when installing your carpets. You will also want to search online for reviews from other clients with similar requirements to yours.


Companies on a smaller budget are often tempted to go with a more cost-effective option to transport and install their carpets, but run the risk of a poor installation. This is likely to cause
more problems in the long-term, such as possible leaks into the underlying floor or improperly cut carpets, leading to significantly higher costs.



Ensure their products adhere to regulations and standards.


Carpets are required to adhere to various regulations in Singapore, such as fire safety. Many high quality carpet brands, such as EXPOflor®, utilise fire retardant and slip-resistant carpets that meet the industry standards. This ensures that not only do these carpets serve an aesthetic and comforting purpose, but that they help to protect both staff and visitors from further harm in the event of a crisis.


Besides regulations set by various authorities, high quality carpets should also achieve various standards to promote public health and safety. Examples include antimicrobial carpets which have been rigorously tested in laboratory conditions to repel various harmful germs and viruses, as well as non-slip sports flooring that have been tested to absorb impact of users and promote recovery while reducing the risk of falls and injuries.



Ask on how to maintain and clean your carpet.


While a high quality carpet should be sturdy and resilient, it requires regular upkeep and maintenance to really shine across the years. A regular cleaning and maintenance schedule also helps to remove allergies and prevent the growth of germs for a healthier space, while keeping it comfortable for users and aesthetically pleasing.


Ask your carpet installation company in Singapore for maintenance tips specific to the type of carpet you have chosen. This includes how to trim away loose fibres, wearing carpets out evenly, and maintaining the humidity and dryness of your space. You will also want to hire a professional carpet cleaner every few months for deep cleaning, depending on human traffic as well as your own frequency of maintenance.



Check on the warranty of their carpets.


Installing high quality carpets will usually take a sizeable budget, factoring in transportation and installation fees as well. Before agreeing to purchasing your desired carpets and arranging for installation, do consider the warranty period as well as the terms and conditions to which they apply.


In addition, the warranty of your carpet is closely linked to the nature of how you upkeep it, and so it is important to read carefully and not accidentally void your warranty. For example, certain cleaning methods or improper use of chemicals may damage carpet fibres, which the carpet installation company will not be responsible for giving you a refund.


Interested in finding a quality carpet installation company for your Singapore business? Contact us today and see how we can help you.

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